When you visit a new city, region, state, or country, you must take the time to plan where you will go, what you will do, and where you will stay. Planning new adventures can be challenging, especially when you want to try things you’ve never done before and step outside your comfort zone. 

If you plan to visit a wine region such as Hunter Valley in New South Wales but aren’t sure if a wine tour is something you’re interested in, here are a few of the many reasons why many travelers put a tour at the top of their must-do list. 

Hunter Valley wine tour, NSW, Australia
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Take a break from crowds

When you book a wine tour with tour providers like Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours, you can take a break from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of city life. While most travelers don’t mind lining up for popular tourist attractions in busy cities, the masses of people can soon take their toll. 

You’re unlikely to feel cramped and crowded on a wine tour. Most tour groups are intimate, and acres of vineyards surround most venues to make you feel like you’re in a remote location. You’ll be able to breathe in the country air and enjoy a natural environment throughout your wine tour experience. 

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Meet new people

There are plenty of ways to meet new people while traveling, like staying in hostels or connecting on social media. However, wine tours allow you to meet new people who share the same interests as you. While you can book a wine tour with a group of friends, you can also join tours with other travelers like yourself.

After spending the whole day with other wine lovers, you might be surprised by the friendships you can form. 

Learn food and wine pairings

Many people struggle to know which beverage to pair with what dish. While you might already know the basics, like pinot noir with earthy flavors and dry rosé with cheese, a wine tour can educate you further and make entertaining loved ones much easier in the future.

Most vineyards provide helpful information on food pairings to bring out the best in the wine and food. If you have any questions about various pairings, you’ll also enjoy having experts available to answer them.    

Travel to beautiful locations

If you’re specifically seeking out wine tours on your travels, you’ll undoubtedly end up in some beautiful locations. For example, Burgundy, southeast of Paris, is among the most famous wine regions in the world. Here, you’ll enjoy Red Burgundy wine made from Pinot Noir grapes and White Burgundy from Chardonnay grapes. Burgundy also boasts old-world charm alongside its scenic vineyards, with villages dotted around the region inviting you to slow down and enjoy a relaxing holiday. 

You might also head to Douro Valley in Portugal, a peaceful region renowned for Port wines. Douro Valley will grab your attention with its striking architecture, UNESCO site, and affordability. In fact, it’s known as one of the cheapest cities in Europe to visit. 

Any traveler exploring Austria can visit Wachau Valley to enjoy some of the best white wines in the world. The region of Wachau along the Danube River offers stunning natural landscapes and peaceful towns. This region also boasts a rich history with fortresses and the nearby baroque church offering views across the valley. 

Wine lovers who also have a passion for delicious food can’t help but want to explore Tuscany, Italy, in Central Italy. Tuscany is home to the first established wine zone, Chianti Classico, as well as delicious traditional dishes like chicken liver pate, Panzanella, Ribolita, and Pecorino Toscano cheese.

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In South Africa, the Franschhoek wine region is incredibly beautiful, along with featuring many of the best restaurants in the county.

Franschhoek wine region
Franschhoek wine region

Plenty of options for wine tours

Most travelers create a detailed itinerary to help them get the most out of their trip. Sometimes, desirable activities don’t align with your spare time, and you might think you need to miss out on experiencing something new. 

However, there are so many vineyards to explore throughout the top wine-producing countries like Australia, Italy, and France that you don’t generally need to worry about not having time for a particular tour. There are bound to be others on your travels that are better suited for your timeline. 

If you’ve never been on a wine tour before, booking one can be a nerve-wracking next step, particularly when you don’t know what to expect. However, wine tours can be desirable for a change of scenery, education, meeting new people, and more. Now might be the right time to explore your options and make a booking.


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