Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp lies on the border of the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Southern Tanzania.

These forested mountains form part of the Eastern Arc Mountain Range which are known as the ‘Galapagos of Africa‘ owing to their high degree of endemism – they cover less than 2% of the land area but include more then 50% of the country’s plant and animal species. Over 300 endemic animals and over 800 endemic plants have been found in the Eastern Arc.

The Udzungwas form one one of Africa’s most remarkable biodiversity hotspots and walking them is a memorable experience. The habitats contained within the national park include tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland and steppe.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania
Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Animals found in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park

The Udzungwa Mountains are a primate hotspot with five Tanzanian endemics to be found;

  • the newly discovered Highland Mangeby (found in Ndundulu Forest),
  • the Sanje Crested Mangeby,
  • the Iringa Red Colobus,
  • the Matundu Dwarf Galago and
  • the Mountain Dwarf Galago.

Other primates include the Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey, Black and White Colobus, Yellow Baboon, Grant’s Galago, Small-eared Galago, and greater Galago.

Other mammal species are headed by the recently rediscovered Lowe’s Servaline Genet, which was photographed for the first time in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. It was previously seen some 70 years ago and evidence was limited to a single skin.

Other mammal species to be found in the Udzungwa Mountains include: Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Bushbuck, Sable, Greater Kudu, Harvey’s Red Duiker, Bush Duiker, Palm Civets, Miombo Genets, Hyena, Sun Squirrels, Climbing Mice, Spiny Mice, Pouched Rats, Elephants Shrews, Shrews and Hippo.

The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is among the top ten areas for bird conservation in Africa (IBA) with over 250 bird species. The Udzungwa Mountains are also home to several Tanzanian endemic birds including Rufous Winged Sunbird and the Udzungwa Partridge.

Within the Udzungwa Mountains National Park there is also a huge and diverse range of endemic butterflies, amphibians and reptiles including the Pygmy Bearded Chameleon. 

And, of course, the fantastic tree frog! 🙂

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