If you have always dreamed of embarking on a motorcycle tour of the Himalayas, what are you waiting for?
This is the perfect time to begin planning your motorcycle adventure tours, whether you want to book onto a pre-arranged tour or craft your own.
It’s important to remember that the Himalayas actually span quite a large area, so it’s just not feasible to see the whole lot in one go. This is why we have outlined some of the main areas that you could choose to explore.

Areas to explore on a motorcyle tour of the Himalayas


This region of India offers classic Trans Himalayan scenery – huge valleys and harsh rock walls that are occasionally dotted with splashes of irrigated green. You will find that the traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture still thrives here – there are monasteries dotted around the region that come alive with festivals.
▪  When should I go? The best time to visit is from June to September.
▪  How do I get there? There are daily flights from Delhi to Leh, the capital city. Or you can   travel the spectacular high roads.
▪  What to see? Some of the best sights include the Hemis, Lamayuru and Thikse monasteries.


On the other side of the Himalayas you’ll find Tibet. The landscape here is truly amazing with rolling grasslands, high-altitude lakes and a vibrant Buddhist culture. You’ll also be able to spot Mount Everest’s north face (many people believe the sight is better than anything you’ll get in Nepal).
▪  When should I go? The best time to visit is from mid May to September.
▪  How do I get there? There are flights to Lhasa, the capital, from Kathmandu, Chengdu and Beijing.   Or take the train from China.
▪  What to see? Some of the best sights include the multi storey stupa at Gyantse and the medieval monastery at Sakya.

Motorcycle Tour of the Himalayas
Motorcycle tour in Tibet


Nepal is one of the most popular countries for motorcycle tour of the Himalayas, as it’s incredibly convenient and also home to the spectacular Mount Everest. Why not take a break and actually climb to base camp? There are plenty of other mountain paths to explore, with or without the assistance of a Sherpa.
▪  When should I go? The best time to visit is March, April, October and November.
▪  How do I get there? You will have to fly to Kathmandu then onto Lukla if you want to get the Everest region.
▪  What to see? Some of the best sights include Everest Base Camp (but you’ll need about 14 days). The Gokyo Valley is also fantastic.


This is the last surviving great Himalayan kingdom, which gives the country an otherworldly air. Old-growth forests actually cover around 75% of the countryside. The catch is that there is a minimum daily spend (US$250), although this includes transport, meals, accommodation and guides.
▪  When should I go? The best time to visit is March, April, September and October.
▪  How do I get there? There are flights to Paro, the capital, from Delhi, Kathmandu or Bangkok. You   can also drive from India.
▪  What to see? Some of the best sights include the Paro Valley, Tiger’s Nest Hermitage and the Haa Valley.

We hope that the information provided above has inspired you to begin planning your motorcycle adventure tours of the Himalayas today. There are plenty of amazing places to visit during your travels, from the amazing mountains themselves to the culture-filled villages that you will pass through.
If you’re planning to book onto a pre-arranged tour, just ensure that it’s taking you to the place you would most like to visit.
Otherwise, don’t hesitate to arrange your own.

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